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Ana Opanga wants to pull the children away from the screens and back into a creative creation process.

We are launching a completely new international clothing line, with the intention to make children draw more and make the adults aware of the need for creativity. Even if it’s 'just 'with the help of a clothing brand, the people who will choose to buy from Ana Opanga will communicate visually with images and impressions from the vast everyday lives of children across the globe.

Ana Opanga invites children from all over the world to draw and make their mark on the collections. For each collection the brand will launch workshops in different countries, where children will give their views on a chosen topic through drawing.

Ana Opanga means "creative children". We are a sustainable and ethically conscious brand that combines scandinavian design with fun, childlike and colorful prints.

The products are designed with the belief that every child is creative and that creativity is a raw material that will be lacking in the future. Our mission is therefore to give the children a visual voice on our cloth collection - which allows them to share images from their everyday lives in a language we all speak: Drawing. 

We strives to minimise our environmental footprint by using recycled materials and ensuring that the products are made ethically. We are proud to engage with a leading Italy based textile manufacturer and a Portuguese clothing manufacturer.