Gratis levering i Danmark



The environmental aspect for Ana Opanga is to reduce the harm and damage the leftover fishing nets are creating in ocean wildlife. More precisely the fishnets are recovered by the organization Healthy Seas, a Journey from Waste to Wear, and recycled, transformed, and regenerated by the Italian textile manufacturer as material for our collection. As a sustainable brand, we have a clear interest in addressing the problem. Furthermore, Ana Opanga has a responsibility to ensure that our products do not pose a risk to either future generations or the environment


The social aspects for Ana Opanga is the working conditions, safety, and well-being of the employees working in the factories we collaborate with. We only work with factories with good working environments for their employees. In other words, equal pay, the employee’s needs, wishes, and concerns are met by the employers.   


The economic aspect of Ana Opanga is to sustain natural resources and keep our customers satisfied. In other words, we strive to create long-term sustainable values by using recycled materials so that future generations can cater to their needs. 

Our products are of high quality, long-term use and our material is recyclable.  We must conserve resources at a minimal production at a higher price than others, in order to uphold our sustainable values.