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The mission

Our mission is to inspire children to be more active and creative.

Ana Opanga wants to invite children from all over the world to draw and make their mark on the designs. We believe that the need for creativity is increasing - and we simply have to do something about it. For each collection we make, the brand will launch workshops in different countries, giving the children a visual voice on our designs. 

The brand

We are launching a new concept, intending to make children draw more and make the adults aware of the need for creativity. Even if it is 'just' with the help of a clothing brand, Ana Opanga will communicate visually with images and impressions from the vast everyday lives of children across the globe.

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We strives to minimise our environmental footprint by using recycled materials and ensuring that the products are made ethically.

UV protective

The swimwear provides UV protection, chlorine resistant, sunscreen resistant and olis resistant.

UPF 50+

Designs by kids

The products are designed with the belief that every child is creative and that creativity is a raw material that will be lacking in the future.

The team

Well.. Here we are.. 

A team with a mission.





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